Changes in lifestyle helps eradicating Obesity

Have you noticed that your clothes do not fit you well now? Or you do not have the same energy levels as before? This means it’s high time to start controlling your diet and start with your exercises.

Today’s blog is all about obesity.

Obesity is one of the most dangerous disease today. Obese people are more likely to get affected by other lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, bone problems, liver issues etc. and in today’s societies, people are rapidly putting on extra weight mainly due to unhealthy eating and lifestyle routines.

The following are some of the main reasons for obesity. But only lifestyle change is the key to reduce obesity.                    

1. Lack of sleep: Are you among those who attend late night parties, on regular basis? Or go for late night movies or excessive use of mobiles or TV at night? Getting a disturbed or not enough sleep can fade away the weight loss goal. So the solution for this is simple. Just have a healthy bed time routine. Stay away from all the gadgets just before going to bed. In case you need to stay up late for any reason always go in for a healthy snack option like a glass of milk, makhanas, bowl of salad or some unsalted nuts.    

2. Eating habits:

  • Skipping meals: Breakfast being the first meal of the day helps kick starts the body and also boosts metabolism. Our body also needs constant fuel to run effectively. So therefore small fillers and mid-day snacks are also important for the body. It can be either a fruit or nuts or any other light meal which are required for good functioning of the body.
  • Packaged or processed food: packaged or processed foods have longer shelf life which tells us that they are loaded with additives and preservatives to increase their shelf life. Eg. Ice creams, fruit juices, ready to fry snacks, biscuits, cakes, pizzas etc. These foods are high in saturated fats, loaded with simple carbs and sodium. Moreover they are also low in vital micro nutrients and fiber and have very less nutritional value so it’s better to stay away from these as much as possible. Secondly these bite size foods are filling for the body and can deviate us from our normal routine of homemade food.

3. Physical activity: Usually obesity is seen among those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. If you feel the need of a vehicle to travel a short distance or you spent much of your time on couch, then it’s high time to change your habits. Be active whenever possible. Choose walking instead of vehicles, prefer stairs instead of elevator, let your evenings be walking time or play time. Try to have after meal walks for at least 10 minutes.

4. Stress: High level of stress can interfere with your weight loss goal. When we eat food it releases a hormone called endorphin (feel good hormone).It makes you crave for more and more food than per day’s requirement. Due to which stress leads to excess calorie intake. To reduce the level of stress you can try breathing exercises, Yoga, or simply sip on relaxing teas such as chamomile tea or lavender tea or you can even go ahead with milk with cinnamon powder.

Due to lifestyle modification involving lack of physical activity and wrong eating habits today, the number of obese people are increasing. Bringing a change in the eating habits, a healthy balanced diet, activity pattern, good sleeping pattern, enough amount of water and good diet can be helpful.  These simple lifestyle changes can help eradicate obesity from our lives.

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