Diet For Skin

We all eat for a great health and vitality and it is but natural that a good diet is essential for great health too besides improving the skin. But in many cases due to a previous unhealthy eating plan and stress the skin gets affected and many skin problems are noticed like acne, rash, pigmentation, dull skin, dry skin.

Reasons for an unhealthy skin:

  1. A bad diet consisting of processed food and too many cereals, pulses and non-veg / dairy and very little fruits, vegetables and salads.
  2. Genetically very dry or very oily skin.
  3. Hormonal changes like pregnancy, menopause, irregular cycles, and ovarian hormonal pills.
  4. Iatrogenic (i.e because of medicines).

General rules for healthy skin:

  1. Water is the best medicine as far as skin conditions are concerned as it cleanses and detoxifies the body. It of course, can vary from individual to individual and anything between 1 liter’s to 2 liters in a day is a must.
  2. Vitamin A is one of the essential vitamins which is very important for a good and healthy skin. The natural sources of vitamin A precursors (from which vitamin A is made) are papaya, oranges, melons, egg yolk etc.
  3. Vitamin C, is another skin vitamin and is good for all skin conditions. The consumption of this vitamin should be increased and the good sources include all citric fruits (sour), goose berries, guavas.
  4. Vitamin B, again one of the vitamins which is very essential to the skin; all leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, brewer’s yeast (different from baking yeast) are rich sources.
  5. Vitamin E is excellent for skin and especially for dry skins. It is found in nuts, oilseeds, vegetables like broccoli, egg yolk etc.

For dry skin:
Aloe-vera juice in fact is one herb which benefits this type of skin the maximum; taken in a capsule form or applied externally (compared to other types of skin). Oil seeds like flax seeds, sesame seeds, almonds, egg yolk, carrot and beetroot juice are good for people with dry skin. Consume Vitamin E capsules, with the recommendation of physician.

For oily skin:
12 glasses of water is to be consumed every day. Consume Cucumber and karela juice on an empty stomach. Cut down oils and fats from the diet absolutely. Processed and junk foods or very sugary foods are not recommended as it adversely affects oily skins more than other skin types. Diet consisting of 50% of fruits and salads should be consumed.

Diet for acne prone skin:
Avoid all refined foods. Cut down too much of dairy products, eggs and non-veg foods. Eat lots of salads, fruits, and vegetables. Include more fiber in the diet like wheat bran, oat bran. Eat sprouts at least 2 times a week. Hydrate oneself well by drinking 10 glasses of water a day minimum. Have 1 karela skin juiced along with tulsi and lauki juice daily.

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