Dietary Changes For Pre Menstrual Syndrome

If you find your wife feeling low depressed and moody and ready to snap at you at the slightest of provocation then this information is for you to figure out the reasons and logically understand this uncanny behaviour. This is a group of signs and symptoms which is apparent about 1-2 weeks prior to the onset of the cyclic bleeding. It was recognized and given a name in the year 1931. As the name signifies, the symptoms begin after ovulation and peak just before menstruation and disappear just at the onset of bleeding.

Premenstrual syndrome is the name given to a set of symptoms which are part and parcel of the women’s monthly cycle, why it has come to be recognized and categorized as such is because unlike a disease state it is a transient syndrome occurring in a huge population and yet can be very debilitating to the person (many women are unable to work during this time and frequently have to take leave or suffer silently).

The common symptoms are: Mood swings, irritability, tender breasts, bloated abdomen, food cravings, pimples, headaches, stomach upsets, appetite changes, irritability, depression, over sensitivity, crying spells. The symptoms vary from mild to severe. The hormones responsible for such a change besides changing level of estrogens are mineral corticoids (maintain the water levels) prostaglandins, serotonin (low levels may lead to depression) endorphins (the happy hormones –low levels may cause depression).

Why Do Some Women Have a Terrible Time While Others Sail Through ?

This depends a lot on two aspects, one is genetics and the other is your diet and lifestyle. Genetics is either a blessing or curse, if one is blessed with a strong constitution then one can sail through but if severe cranky behavior is the change which occurs every month then it is high time you improved the diet.

Tips to Minimize Pre Menstrual Syndrome

  1. Eat no junk food like maida, aerated drinks, highly salted processed food like chips, tortillas. Such foods are high in components which convert to sugar in the body (maida,corn) or are sugar (sweet drinks) as a result the body produces large amounts of insulin to balance and digest the foods as a result the hormonal balance gets disrupted and bloating, moodiness are triggered the excessive salt also contributes to the water retention. If you have a carbohydrate craving, eat high fiber carbohydrates like whole wheat bread/roti, brown rice or corn on the cob.
  2. Eat frequent small meals and avoid big meals as this will help to cut down the bloating and hypoglycemia which cause major depression.
  3. Substantially reduce tea, coffee, colas as they lead to rapid heartbeat, bloating and nervousness.
  4. Reduce sugar and salt intake in your diet as it causes a huge amount of water retention and mood swings besides may also lead to a migraine attack.
  5. A multi-vitamin supplement with Vitamin B-6 and other B Vitamins, Magnesium, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C are wonderful in alleviating the symptoms.
  6. Herbal supplements like evening primrose oil are great for improving the well being of the person.
  7. Mild exercise like walking and flexibility exercises are good for toning down the severity of symptoms.
  8. Avoid alcohol or cocktails.

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