Diwali- Taash Party Tips

It’s that time of year again!

Diwali being right around the corner- time for fun and festivities is back! Especially for those of us attending the late night card party parades. These day’s card parties have become a way to justify gaining a few kilos that will most definitely show in your Diwali lehenga or dress.

What most of us don’t realise is that while the bloating and bulges are externally visible there is underlying internal damage being done to our organs. To prevent this follow our 5 festive tips:

  1. Start the Day Right: Wake up and drink 2 glasses of luke warm water to flush out toxins and encourage your system to cleanse your gut.
  2. Provide and Prioritize Your Potassium: serving yourself a portion of potassium rich foods with breakfast eg: bananas, papayas, kiwi’s – which helps you retain less water and counter balances high sodium snacks you had last night.
  3. Wash Away Toxins with Veggies: Mid-day have a glass of vegetable juice. Raw veggies boost your livers ability to cleanse you of last night’s damage. Choose any 3 fresh-seasonal veggies and grind together in your mixer with water, consume without straining for the best benefits!
  4. Do Dinner First: Before leaving for a party, don’t leave on an empty stomach. Instead have dinner or a snack at home first. This has a double benefit that you don’t show up to your friend’s , ready to pounce on the food but also your first drink doesn’t go down on an empty stomach.
  5. Sleep it off: When late nights add up it, lack of sleep can cause excessive weight gain. When you sleep the body repairs daily wear and tear while balancing hormones that control your weight. Sleep 7 hours a night to maintain your weight.

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