Gut Recharge Guidelines

Supercharge your gut with our guidelines.

These guidelines have to be followed for minimum 5 days. These guidelines will help in reducing inflammation around the gut and improve efficiency to digest, assimilate and absorb the nutrients, which will improve your immunity, reduce cravings, bloating, water retention and much more.


Here are our Nutribullets for the next few days:

  1. Include Prebiotic Foods: Banana, homemade ghee and white butter, coconut oil, boiled potato,  rice, sweet potato in your diet.
    Suggest start your day with banana, cook only in ghee or white butter. a
  2. Include Probiotic foods: Home-made curd, water-based pickles, traditional buttermilk, carrot kanji, idli, dosa , dhokla, sanna’s, handvo and any fermented food products for next 5 days. Make sure not to use eno or baking soda in dhokla or idli. a
  3. Include anti-inflammatory foods such as turmeric, ginger, fatty fish or fish oils, walnuts, coconut oil, beetroots, celery (less than 5cm stalk more than 5 will aggravate), basil seeds (sabja), chia seeds. a
  4. Avoid Highly Processed / Packaged Foods- anything factory made or that comes out of a packet.
    (Such as Sausage, Deli-Meats – pepperoni, ham, salami, Pasta, Biscuit, chips, Namkeens, even diet bhels, sevs etc.) a
  5. Avoid Sugars and Artificial Sweeteners. a
  6. No Milk – however fermented milk products such as buttermilk, dahi or any other variants are allowed. a
  7. Avoid Alcohol. a
  8. Avoid Chicken. a
  9. Avoid unnecessary Antacids/ Supplements. a
  10. No raw foods post 4pm this includes salads, raw veg and fruit. Instead eat yourvegetables stewed or steamed.

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