Many of these “Diet” Foods actually contain hidden health risks. Most of these products highlight one “healthy” feature and hide their unhealthy aspects behind the word “Diet” in the labels and fine print.

  • Diet Coke:  Although they may contain less calories, studies have found links between consuming diet coke and obesity, type-2 diabetes, and even heart disease and even failure. Artificial sweeteners are up to 2000 times stronger than regular sugar, this it can cause unnatural sugar cravings.
  • Diet Namkeens/Bhel: Baked or Roasted “Diet” Namkeens may CUT DOWN on the oil absorption but it doesn’t eliminate it altogether. To increase their palatability, they also still contain many additives and preservatives, which can cause sodium and potassium imbalances that lead to bloating, acidity and water retention.

Diet Biscuits: These biscuits may boast the benefits of whole grain flours but they are often used in very small proportions. In an effort to make these biscuits have an appealing texture and taste companies may use higher amounts of saturated fat and high fructose corn syrup. A single digestive biscuit might have up to 4 times the calories of a regular biscuit as a result of this.

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