With the hectic lifestyle and increasing work pressure it has become very important and challenging for us to maintain good health.

But we do not know what the perfect quality of nutrients in a food are ; which all food groups we need to incorporate in our diet and where is the portion control required for our body in order to function effectively and stay healthy. Hence a nutritionist helps us for all the information to lead a fit, healthy and an active lifestyle. Unlike a doctor who will never tell you what and how much you need to eat. He might just be concerned with giving you treatments and medicines as per his profession or would just give you basic diet information if medical practice demands. But a nutritionist will not only help you to avoid the counter effect of medicines on your body but also help you to overcome some of the health and weight problems through diet and care. The nutritionist might ask you to follow the recommended guidelines only as given. Also, this highly qualified individual will not only be able to determine as to what exactly your diet needs but also which nutrients you might be lacking. There will be guidance to improve your eating habits as well.

Proper nutrition helps to prevent disease. Eating a nutritious and proper eating routine offers various medical advantages that keep us mentally and physically well. It does not mean starving ourselves but instead means eating a diet balanced in lean proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Nutritionists guide you that what type of food is best for you.

One of the biggest benefits in seeing a nutritionist is, obviously, if you’re looking to lose weight. Whether you have a slow metabolism, need calorie adjustments or need more information on what makes a food “healthy,” a nutritionist can help you as below:

  1. A nutritionist helps you better understand what to eat. How much protein do you really need? Should you be drinking milk or no if you are lactose intolerant? She will let you know if you have gluten intolerance or if you have other food intolerances?
  2. A nutritionist gives you the discipline to make a change and see how your diet choices affect your body and mood. Is your afternoon slump caused by too little sleep or a sugar crash? Do you have more of sodas or do binge eating or lack exercise? Then here will be the regimen and diet you need to follow strictly!
  3. ·A nutritionist can provide practical strategies about incorporating proper eating into your life. How will you manage breakfast if you’ve got to be out the door early? What’s your dinner plan? What are your ‘Go to meal options’ OR ‘evening snacks’ OR what will you eat when you are in a party or going out to eat in a restaurant. In fact, if there is a very minute observation then you might be even asked to change your cooking oil or the way you cook!

The act of working with a nutritionist can empower you to own the change personally and professionally related to food choices.

  • A nutritionist truly understands that food is not a filler with proteins, fats and all but is more. It is the key reason that they can determine the deficiencies is each body and fill that up. Through food it is possible to have your body everything. And keep it detoxified. If this is done, you are safe from diseases. Disease are all either for a deficiency or some extra accumulation in the body.

 Proper nutrition keeps the body’s biological balance be maintained and keeps you not only attractive but rock strong.

Getting a nutritionist online is a great idea because the guidance can be regular and spontaneous.

One of the most powerful medicines available to us all is food. Everything we eat either brings us closer to our goals of optimal health or takes us a few steps away from it. Food is nourishment for our body, our mind, and our soul. The true purpose of nutrition is to keep our body functioning.

Every single cell, metabolic process and hormone cascade is dependent on specific nutrients to work. Vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, essential fatty acids, amino acids and various other nutrients are not only building blocks, but also master regulators of our bodies. When we move away from using nutrition to fuel our bodies the right way, we create space for symptoms and disease processes to start taking over. We then tend to turn towards pills and medicines to help fight off these symptoms, rather than going to the true sources of what the body is asking for.

Hence, I would call a nutritionist a life saver. But the irony is that many people do not know the difference between a nutritionist and a dietician. So, before you consult a nutritionist set your requirements correct as there is this difference below:

Nutritionists work in public or community health, education, media or research. Anybody can call themselves a ‘nutritionist’, but only registered nutritionists can provide information about healthy eating for the public. However, they’re not qualified to give advice on diets for health conditions like diabetes or for patients in a hospital.

On the other hand, dietitians are qualified to provide medical nutrition therapy for people with health conditions. A dietitian is like a food doctor: using food to prevent, and help treat, disease. Together with your medical doctor’s treatment, a dietitian’s nutrition plan can help make food a type of medicine.

A dietitian is a nutritionist, but a nutritionist isn’t a dietitian. Infact, in some places, there is no criteria to claim the title nutritionist, and if you just wake up one day and decide you want to be a nutritionist, you are one, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop you

What dietitians don’t do (that the other non-qualified ‘nutrition experts’ or non-registered nutritionists may):

  • Ban foods or food groups
  • Promote fad diets or quick fixes
  • Force you to follow a specific meal plan or eat special foods or supplements – unless you are unable to get enough from food alone and your Doctor prescribes you this
  • Believe in food myths that aren’t true
  • Sell you things for personal financial gain

Instead, dietitians use high quality scientific research to guide you to a healthier lifestyle using the best-known methods out there. So before consulting you need to set your requirements right. If you are seeking any medical help or a health check, dietician is the one for you!

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