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I have been a victim of obesity since my first delivery. I had a heart valve blockage due to which I was on penicillin injections for nearly 20 years. During this period, I had put on heavily and was unable to lose the weight despite of endless workouts and exercises. When recently last year I stopped my penicillin, I was advised by the doctor to lose weight, and if not I would have faced further complications with my health. I was then introduced to Harpreet's clinic by a friend. And the rest is just the history. Her diet has helped me not just overcome obesity, but also I feel more fit and confident. I can now travel long distances without being worried about motion ' feel like I have been given a new lease of life. The "side effects" of losing weight and getting healthy have been great! I now have an overall positive attitude and mood, glowing skin, shiny hair and the aches and pains I used to complain about have completely vanished. Today I have more confidence to do the things I've always wanted to do but thought I couldn't. In fact I have been so happy with her approach that I decided to have a franchisee of hers hoping to help a lot of people who are in need of it!
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I swear by Harpreet diet. After both my deliveries, i approached her to lose my post delivery weight and within 4 - 6 weeks on her diet I was back to shape. The best thing about her diet is that not only you lose weight but you also feel energetic and light. My daughter's are now 9 years and 7 years and I am thankful to Harpreet diet to help me remain in shape. Her professionalism and expertise is par excellence.
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I had heard about HARPREET through a friend, who owed his tremendous weight-loss and imminent health to her diet plans. I had spent almost two decades of yo-yo dieting and fad weight loss schemes, due to the nature of my profession .And so I got on to Harpreet bandwagon. For the first time in my adult life, I not only lost weight, which stayed off, but my skin, hair and energy levels were fantastic! Today, nearly 7 years since I 'discovered' HARPREET, I continue to hound her with alarming requirements of instant weight loss and she has never ceased to amaze me! She is persistent in her goal and is a wonderful and nurturing nutritionist and friend.
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It was nearly 7 Years ago, overweight and unable to walk properly as I suffered from severe knee and heel pain.
I was nervous and scared when I went to meet her the first time but her poise, confidence and motivation gave me a lot of courage and strength to be obedient to her diet. Subsequently, every visit to her clinic made me faithful to her as I saw the needle on weighting scale going down. At the same time I started enjoying a more healthy life, frequent visits to the doctor were a thing of the past and my confidence levels went high. Her diet also took care of my frequent migraine attacks which again made me trust her and be thankful to her. I was able to lose 30 kgs. I felt good about myself and I did not want to put the kilos back so I went on maintenance diet and for the last 5 years she has helped one to stay fit and healthy. She has often taken care of my other health problems such as irregular Menstrual Cycle. Colds etc the natural way. She even helped my bowel syndrome and who is my much healthier now. I look forward to the day I have an appointment with her as she inspires me to live healthy and happy.
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Harpreet is a must when I visited her couple of years I was 96 kgs. I was recommended to her by a common friend. I visited her, she patiently listened to all what I had to say and started with a simple diet which basically consisted of morning and evening water breakfast / midday / lunch/tea/dinner. I had to visit her every week and the diet used to change every week. I lost miraculous 30 kgs and then went on a maintenance diet for the past 3yrs. In all this I never felt weak or drained out or any sort of problem. At some stage I took my mother who was 84kgs and had problem with tri-glycerides where she maintained them and my mom today weights 66kgs. Recently my mom went through a knee replacement surgery without any complication all this was possible because of ' diet. She is a remarkable and dedicated with her patient's interest at heart.
And god's blessings may she like to bring happiness cheers to people who visit her. Going to Harpreet's clinic has been an amazing journey and getting new life of being healthy again. A mention thanks for changing my life.
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I came across Harpreet way back in 2005 -2006, where I weighed 85kgs. Dieting was the least I could think of, but trust me after following the diet program given by Harpreet, dieting was not difficult. I haven't been starving nor exercising to lose my weight, instead have I just been eating healthy food. She tailors the diet as per your needs. You do not need to worry about any party or travels, you just need to tell her your plans and you are guided. Her diet is a mixture of Indian & western.
Losing weight isn't the only goal, maintaining it is more important. From 85kgs I dropped down to 66kgs until I got pregnant in December 2011. Unfortunately I couldn't join her pregnancy diet program due to my complications where I ended up growing each day of my pregnancy and halted at 95kgs.After delivery I was 85kgs and looked bloated up. I would feel sad and disgusted looking into the mirror. I was in two minds whether to start dieting or not as my elders kept alarming of the nutrition level being supplied to the baby as I was breast feeding and had a C-section. I took it as a challenge and started consulting Harpreet once again. I now weigh 66kgs. Within 5 months I got back to shape and now I am on a maintenance program. It's very important to know what a mother needs to take in while nursing, there's a lot to eat but one needs to know what is good for her infant. She never came in the way of my vitamin or other tablets prescribed by my gyms instead I was afraid of gaining weight with those tablets.
I am grateful to Harpreet for being a superb guide to a lovely looking mother I am today. Thanks.
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