We are a professionally managed chain of Weight loss & Wellness clinics in India that specialise in Weight Loss, Clinical Diets and Sports Management. Through our expert guidance and support, we aim to make a positive impact on your weight, health and general well-being.

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Our Concept

We believe in the power of natural and wholesome foods in maintaining a healthy weight and boosting overall health. At Diet Dr Clinic, diets are planned and advised for weight loss, weight management, clinical issues, women’s health, paediatric health, sports, skin, immunity and genetic predispositions. Our weight loss and wellness programs consist of personalised diet plans, regimented follow ups and constant encouragement through realistic and achievable goals.

Our clinical and medical plans are based on a holistic approach with plans designed using natural and functional foods that help in building healthy and sustainable, long-term lifestyles.

Our special diet programs, such as skin glow and immunity booster, are innovative, credible and customized to meet each individual’s unique goals and nutritional needs. We work on improving performance with sports athletes. Our sports diets are based on a holistic approach that focuses on using natural supplements from the kitchen and avoiding artificial supplements.

All our programs are developed while considering an individual’s required energy levels, working hours, body type, staple diet, availability of food and preferences. Eating less and exercising more is not what we believe in, but eating right and exercising smart is our mantra.

Our Mission

We endeavor to educate and empower you towards a healthier tomorrow by making your fitness journey extremely easy, convenient and engaging.


Founder and Director

Ms. Harpreet Pasricha, one of India’s leading experts on nutrition. She has been actively involved in the weight loss and wellness space for over 22 years and her lifelong interest in a natural and healthy way of life led her to founding Diet Dr Clinic.

Harpreet believes that despite its simplicity, good nutrition is very important and can bring about many positive, life-altering changes in people. Her diet consulting proficiency spans from helping people lose weight, to designing special menus for people suffering from lifestyle disorders and medical problems. Harpreet also specializes in Paediatric, Nutrigenomics and Sports Nutrition and her expertise in the field of nutrition has helped extend her reach not only across India but also worldwide.

Her focus in spreading nutritional awareness goes beyond just consulting with her clientele. She strives to impart her knowledge and experience to the masses through her widely published articles in leading newspapers and magazines. She also actively reaches out to people through her informational videos, groups and posts on social media. In order to help more people with their health, Harpreet launched a book “Nourish with Food & Flourish with Health” which is a miracle guide to eating right, that shows you how to take responsibility of your own health and protect that of your families and friends.

“At the core of our efforts, is our team of expert nutritionists that will guide and accompany you on your fitness journey. Our team of over 50 nutritionists will be with you every step of the way, constantly motivating and encouraging you to be the best version of yourself.”