Fight Mosquito Borne Diseases With The Right Nutrition

With the monsoon setting in, risk of mosquito related diseases increase. When mosquito borne diseases are in the air it becomes very important to take precautions so that you protect yourself from it. All the mosquitoes that get in touch with the contaminated person spread it to other healthy people.

First of all, staying away from the mosquitoes is the thumb rule. Make sure your surrounding is clean, use mosquito nets, mosquito repellents, lotions whatever is comfortable.

But after doing all this, if you’re still diagnosed with malaria, do not panic! Visit the doctor and follow these simple diet tips:

Here are some nutrition tips you need to keep in mind on what you should eat during your course of medication:

  1. Keep your energy levels stable: When you suffer from mosquito borne diseases, your energy levels go for a toss. You feel lethargic and fatigue. To restore your energy levels and to keep them stable, it is important to consume foods that provide instant energy. This would include good sources of energy (cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables)
  2. Restore appetite: As your appetite levels have decreased, you should focus on foods rich in nutrients like vegetable soups, kanji or rice water. These foods are easy-to-digest and also improve your appetite thereby aiding in better recovery. Gut friendly foods like curd, yogurt and pickle contains probiotics that are beneficial for maintaining your gut health and thus, helps you to fight infection and get well soon.
  3. Avoid spicy and oily foods: These foods can worsen the symptoms. They also make the meals very heavy and are difficult to digest.
  4. Focus on protein: Have a high protein diet. Fever or chills makes your body weak and reduces appetite. Protein helps reduce muscle loss, strengthen the muscles, boost immunity and will help you to recover faster.
  5.  Hydrate yourself well: It is very important to keep yourself hydrated when suffering from malaria. Hence, make sure you drink more water. Drink boiled water or sterilized water. Even coconut water, milkshakes, lime juice are good for health. You can also make a drink with sugar, salt and lime to restore the electrolyte balance in the body.
  6.  Anti-inflammatory foods: These foods such as herbs (rosemary, holy basil, celery) and certain spices (cinnamon, turmeric), omega 3 (fish oils, nuts and seeds) are recommended which will reduce the inflammation in the body.

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