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Green queen, a Japanese green tea, a superfood, a powerhouse, cousin to green tea, a versatile food element or a super drink? Yes, we are talking about Matcha. From bubble-tea to cheesecake to ice-creams, it is almost everywhere. But is Matcha worth the hype? Let us know further…

Matcha is made up of compressed green tea leaves after deveining and stone grinding. The results are sweeter than green tea. Matcha is traditionally prepared by whisking a scoop of powder with hot water until frothy. Smooth and vegetal with a pleasant nutty bitterness, matcha has a grassy and sweet flavour. The leaves are rich in catechin called EGCG which is an important antioxidant for the body. It is believed to have cancer fighting effects. Protecting cells from damaging, flushing our toxins, improving attention and concentration are some of the health benefits. It is high in amino acids and antioxidants which are important body functions.

Matcha Benefits

Matcha has medicinal benefits.

1. An antioxidant powerhouse: Matcha is the highest source of antioxidants per gram with the next highest source being goji berries. One serving of matcha has 10 cups of normal brewed green tea. Matcha is rich in catechins, particularly EGCG, the most potent & beneficial antioxidant- known to prevent cancer & heart disease and effective in reducing inflammation & slowing cartilage breakdown.

2. Alkalizing and Detoxifying: With its incredibly high levels of chlorophyll, matcha provides oxygen to the tissues, detoxifying & creating a healthy alkaline pH in the body.

3. Stimulates Metabolism and Burns fat: The catechin EGCG in matcha has been found to raise the body’s thermogenesis (the body’s own rate of burning calories) from 8-10% of daily expenditure to between 35-43% of daily expenditure. At the same time, it oxidates fat & limits intestinal absorption of fat, all while not raising blood pressure or heart rate.

4. Protects Skin: EGCG is proven to fight skin aging, reduce inflammation caused by UV radiation & suppress acne.

5. Increases focus and calms your mind: The shade growing of matcha elevates the L-theanine content, an amino acid that induces alpha frequency brain waves, resulting in mental calmness, improved concentration & memory, and relaxed alertness.

6. Boosting energy: It naturally contains only ½ the caffeine of coffee. Matcha has unique properties which help calm energy which lasts for 5.5 hours on average, with no jitters, crash or nervous energy.

Matcha Powder for your daily diet!

Seven incredible ways to getting more nutrients of matcha in your diet if you have never used matcha powder:

1. Cousin to green tea, make matcha tea: To make matcha tea, you need to add two teaspoons of matcha with hot water in a mug and stir it to dissolve. Many like to add a sweetener like honey or agave to combat the bitter flavour of raw matcha powder. The traditional preparation of matcha is a simple green tea.

2. Put it in your baked goods: Matcha can be used for baked goods like muffins, scones, healthy cookies, and more. You can replace a small quantity of flour with matcha powder. Try making matcha pancakes or waffles for breakfast. The powder also makes the baked goods green in colour making it attractive for the kids.

3. Powerful energizing breakfast: Mix the matcha powder in your morning oatmeal or bowl of granola, simply stir some into your breakfast.

4. Matcha noodles: Premade matcha noodles (or recipes to make your own) to use in soups, noodle salads or healthy meals.

5. Boosting green smoothie: Adding a few teaspoons of matcha powder to your green smoothie recipe will make it even healthier and enhance the flavour. Matcha contains natural caffeine which helps create an energy boost.

6. Matcha latte: Add a few teaspoons of matcha powder in a cup and about a quarter of hot water, then top the rest of with steamed milk (you can also opt for non-dairy options like almond or coconut milk).

7. A colorful fun snack: If you are looking for a fun and healthy snack for movie night, sprinkle a little matcha powder onto your popcorn.

8. Good for studying: Matcha has been shown to improve attention, memory, and reaction time. It contains caffeine and L-theanine, which helps improve several brain functions.

Matcha powder is a powerful super food, which can be included to build a healthy lifestyle.

How to Drink Matcha

You must now be wondering that is starbucks matcha is good for you? So, it has two ingredients, making it about 50 percent sugar. If you aren’t conscious about your weight than, the starbucks matcha latte is worth a try. But if you are drinking matcha for the health perks, suggest brewing it at home.

Matcha is used as an ingredient in many cafeterias to make it seem like a premium drink. The great thing about matcha tea is you get the luxury benefits in its natural form. If you want to reap all the health benefits that come together with matcha green tea, the best way to drink matcha is with as little sugar and honey as possible. A little bit never hurts occasionally, but making a habit of drinking real, organic matcha will help you feel great all day long.

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