Banana Tree Nature’s Gift For Good

Banana tree unlike other trees have advantages of different parts of it. To know about it, Keep Reading to check out what It has got….

To know about this keep scrolling….

1. Banana Magic/ Eatsome Banana

Contains potassium which supports heart health, energy booster for post work out session, being rich in fiber it is good for digestive health, contains tryptophan and helps increase serotonin levels (i.e. a feel good hormone) that helps overcoming depression.

You can simply have it naturally or use it in sweet dishes such as sheera, cakes, fruit salads etc.

2. Budding Floret/Banana Flower/Banana Blossom

Wards of infection, reduces menstrual flow, reduces free radical activity, boosts moods, reduces anxiety, increases milk content of nursing mothers or improves lactation of nursing mothers, keeps sugar levels in check, cures anemia, good for weight loss.

Culinary Use:

Can be used in salads, soups, one can also make sabji, use it in stirred fry veggies or simply make a decoration of it.

3. Banana leaf

From a serving plate to much more…

In some parts of the world it is a tradition to serve food on Banana leaf, you can also use this nature’s natural food wrapper instead of synthetic man-made plastic closed containers, foils etc. furthermore you can this leaf for cooking purpose one of the most famous dish called as “Macher Paturi” is a traditional Bengali dish were usually betki fish pieces are marinated in a spiced mustard paste, wrapped in banana leaf individually and then slow cooked till tender. Hence, becomes good recipe to keep the oil away from cooking. So you can try this with your own fish choice which along with a healthy cooking choice gives a distant essence to the food.

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