Vitamin E


1. Is it better to take tablets or have a vitamin E rich diet?

Vitamin E is known for a lot of health benefits mainly due to its anti-oxidant properties that prevent the cell from oxidative damage. It is one of the supplements that is used widely for skin and hair, however the good news is, it is also available in the natural form, so you do not need to depend on the supplemental form. However, In case of certain conditions such as Menopause, supplementation maybe required, but do so under the supervision of a medical practitioner. As Vitamin E supplements are fat soluble and higher levels can lead to toxicity. Thus, go natural, eat a balanced diet rich in Vitamin E and get all your hair and skin issues resolved.

2.  How can we include more vitamin E in our diet to help us get better skin and hair?

Fortunately Vitamin E foods are abundant through the diet and deficiencies are rare, though sometimes deficiencies are seen in cases where absorption of fat is an issue.

Focusing on diet rich in in the following foods such as Nuts and seeds such as almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, sabja seeds, peanuts etc, food such as avocado, spinach, sweet potatoes, oils such as olive oil, palm oil etc. can aid in boosting beautiful and glowing skin and aiding in lustrous hair. It is also found in meats and fortified foods.

3. Benefits of Vitamin E?

Vitamin E has innumerable benefits from protecting the cell from damage, aid in lowering health problems from heart disease to cancer. But here are some other benefits:

  • Meeting Vitamin E daily requirements has been linked with hair growth and also adds shine to the hair making it look lustrous and strong.
  • You can effectively treat dry skin problem with the help of vitamin rich diet. Especially during the winters it’s essential, as it aids in soft and supple skin.
  • Vitamin E can also promote good immune system. Besides protecting the cell from oxidative damage, it also keeps you from falling sick very often.
  • Vitamin E can promote good eyesight and has been linked to decrease risk of age-related degeneration or cataracts.
  • Being a fat soluble vitamin, it also aids in the production of certain hormones called prostaglandins that aid in regularizing blood pressure.

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