Healthy Tiffin Ideas For Children

Most parents grapple with packing exciting and scrumptious tiffin for their children. Thinking of exciting tiffin snacks can be quite challenging to most of the parents, especially if the child is a fussy eater. Parents have to dismiss the monotony of bland snacks for tiffin by stripping up some interesting recipes, as it can be disheartening for parents to see their children bringing back the tiffin without even taking a bite. It can be really challenging for the parents, as they have to ensure that the tiffin is not only interesting and tasty but also nutritious and wholesome. However, a bit of thought process and a professional help can surely help your child to lick his fingers. 

Here are some easy combinations which will make your child’s food wholesome and nutritious.

Paneer cutlets: Paneer + Carrot + 1 tsp. Almond powder + Potato, mix and make cutlet and shallow fry.

Nutritional information: A brilliant protein rich snack, guaranteed to keep your child’s energy and concentration level high. Paneer (cottage cheese) is a high protein food having high levels of calcium and phosphorous which helps in formation of strong bones and teeth.

Cheese kathi roll: Knead atta with 1 tsp. of Peanut powder + 1 tsp. of Beetroot + Egg instead of water. Make a chapatti of this. Spread some tomato sauce and sprinkle some cheese on it and roll it.

Nutrition information: A healthy dish which is a meal itself that won’t make your child stop at one bite. The calcium, protein, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins A, D, and K content of cheese contributes to healthy bone development in children and young adults.

Crunchy lollipop: Nutrela nuggets + Wheat bread + Seasonings + Egg. Soak nutrela nuggets, squeeze out water, churn in a mixer with all ingredients except egg. Make into cutlets and insert an ice cream stick [can do this preparation a day before]. Apply egg on lollipop and shallow fry.

Nutritional information: A piquant dish that is both healthy and tasty for kids. This dish is rich in protein content which is apt for growing children. It is a good source of calcium, fiber and iron.

Potato Cheese Broccoli Tikkas: Broccoli + Cheese + Mashed potato + Ginger garlic paste + Bread crumbs. In a bowl, mix the mashed potatoes, cheese and this broccoli mixture. Make small triangular tikkas or whichever shape your child likes. Coat with bread crumbs and shallow fry.

Nutritional information: This scrumptious recipe is an excellent source of energy keeping your child’s energy levels constant throughout the day. It is also loaded with immunity boosting vitamins keeping your child from falling sick often.

Fruit Skewers: Kiwi + Pineapple + Orange + Grapes or any fruit your child likes. Chop all fruits into bite size pieces. Take a skewer and arrange the fruits on top of each other. You can also make it interesting by adding cheese and olives.

Nutritional information: This rainbow dish is an excellent treat for your child. Fruits are home to many antioxidants which results in acne free skin, strong hair and good immunity.

These delicious ideas will not only boost your child’s appetite but will also ensure they get the right nutrients.

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