Lent Diet Plan

Lent is magnificent religious observance in the Christian ceremonial calendar that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends approximately six weeks later, before Easter Sunday and is carried out for 40 days. This event is practiced by Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, Methodist, and Roman Catholic Churches and involves of huge lifestyle change in a person right from Doing confession, Repentance of sins, Giving some offerings such as clothes, food to a poor etc. ,selflessness up till avoiding certain foods such as meat, beef, chicken, fish, egg, desserts, spicy foods were the aim is to have simple meals.

Diet Dr Clinic have come up with a Clean Diet Plan to help you detox your body from the toxins, boost up your Immunity and lose those extra Inches and Kilos. As Lent emphasizes on simple eating, Also try avoiding Dead Foods such as chips, biscuits, outside foods that are full of additives instead opt for real foods like bhel(without sev), roasted grams, milk, buttermilk, nuts, seeds. So, stay healthy this lent with our diet care plan so as not to miss on your essential nutrients.

Lent Diet Plan

Early Morning: Warm water – 1 glass

After 30 minutes a seasonal fruit – 1 no

Breakfast: Oats + milk – 2 tbsp. + 1 cup or chapatti + bhaji (tomato or mix bhaji) – 1 no. + 1 bowl or ragi porridge -1 bowl

Mid-morning: Seasonal fruit – 1 No.

Pre Lunch (5 Minutes before Lunch): 1 bowl of salad + ½ bowl curd

Lunch: Dal + rice – 1 bowl or chapatti + pulse curry -1 no. + ½ bowl

Evening: Coconut water – 1 glass + sprouts or green tea – 1 cup + trail mix

Dinner: Chapati + veg bhaji or sprouts +veg bhaji + wheat bread

Bedtime: Glass of warm water


  • Children, the elderly, pregnant and nursing mothers, those who are frail, “individuals of unsound mind”, manual labourers who need to eat to have the strength to work, people who cannot fast or abstain for health reasons can exempt to follow lent.
  • Make sure to keep yourself enough hydrated. Drink atleast 10-12 glasses of water.
  • In case you’re feeling hungry try having a glass of milk, 1 seasonal fruit, roasted grams handful,  sprouts 1 bowl ,nuts  fistful, bhel (avoid adding sev).
  • Try to avoid strenuous exercise and try exercising 180-200 minutes in form of swimming/yoga/walk.
  • Always select locally grown seasonal fruits however, avoid fruits such as watermelon in winter and orange in summer.

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