DNA Diets

We all wonder: why some remain slim or become plump? Why some have a preference for vegetables or sweets? Why sometimes, when two people following the same diet plan yield opposite results? The answer to these questions lies in the latest findings from the study of Genes and Diet in the fast evolving field of Nutrigenomics, where the link between DNA and diet implies that our genes may have a strong influence on our eating preferences and body type.

The study of Nutrigenomics revolves around these two primary questions: How nutrition and diet affect our genes and how do our genes affect the body’s response to nutrition and diet? With genetic testing and personalized DNA diets becoming the latest approach in the field of health and nutrition, the way we eat will be determined by our genes. With this new knowledge, we are able to choose the right types and amounts of nutritional ingredients for our diet and the correct exercise regimens for a healthier lifestyle.

Although genetic analysis may establish that there is a variation of genes in our body, a customized diet plan will optimize our gene’s strengths and boost their weaknesses enabling us to lead a healthier life. The specialized DNA diet is not based on guesswork as it relies on our genetic profile to assist in strengthening the body. So experience the remarkable work of DNA diets, only if you decide to follow it religiously.

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