Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

The entire team of Diet Dr Clinic – Powered by Harpreet Pasricha wishes you and your family a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Ganesh Chaturthi this year.

It’s that festival where the smell of food speaks more than the people at home.

Here are some festive season eating guidelines for all those who thinks eating healthy during festivals is impossible!!

Festival time is the time when your loved ones shares some extra love on your plate which you cannot say no to. Make sure you balance the extra items consumed with a lighter meal later on. For example, a heavy lunch can be balanced with a lighter dinner or a heavier snack followed by lighter meals.

There are variety of options in the house during the festive season. From sweets to sharbats from laddoos to modaks. Choosing them wisely will definitely help our body to stay healthy. Modaks are something which people eat whole day especially during chaturthi – from breakfast to dinner, choosing the ones which are steamed instead of those which are deep fried is what we call wise decision.

Sometimes even after a heavy meal eating a dessert during festivals is mandatory. A small quantity of desserts after a meal won’t harm you much if you stay active for atleast 30 minutes post meal. You can take a walk inside or around your house or can do some household chores to burn those extra calories and feel lighter.

During celebration time it’s very difficult to follow a complete healthy eating pattern. But there is one way you can consume your favourite dish without any regrets is by eating in moderation that is eating in small quantities. It starts off with choosing a smaller bowl for desserts, having mini sized versions of sweets or cutting the sweets into pieces.

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