Role of Vitamins in Human Body

Vitamins are essential nutrients that play a role in promoting health and preventing diseases. Everyone is aware of the importance of the vitamins for normal function of all the body system. Vitamins affect how our digestive system works, how our muscles work and grow, how good our eyesight is, how well our heart and nervous system functions, as well as how well our hair and nails will look. It is safe to say that only with appropriate and balanced level of the vitamins can we function properly.

When person considers need to take vitamin supplements, it should be primarily underlined that one should satisfy vitamin needs through healthy and well balanced diet. So, it is important to maintain good and well balanced food intake to satisfy nutritional needs in a natural way. Only in cases of certain situations or medical conditions there is need for supplementing vitamin needs for example for babies and preschool children, pregnant women or adults over 50.

Excess use of supplements:

Supplements are beneficial if taken in an appropriate dosage. High doses of Vitamins can cause toxicities that damage your liver, kidney and other organs and tissues in your body. There is no use of taking extreme doses of vitamin supplements and expect wonders. Even contrary, high dosages of certain vitamins can be harmful for person. Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Iron, Zinc and Selenium are particularly toxic in high doses. Large amounts of Vitamin B6 and Fluoride also have harmful side effects. Taking more than 2000 mg of Vitamin C, for example, may cause diarrhea gastrointestinal problems, and is not recommended. High doses of Vitamin A can cause serious liver problems, and condition called fibrosis creation of excessive cell tissue.

Another important problem that can show up when person uses vitamin supplements is negative interaction with drug therapy that person must take. For example Vitamin D supplements can interfere with therapy for high cholesterol. In all cases when person is under therapy, it is necessary to consult physician before taking any vitamin supplements. In order to assure you are benefitting from the Vitamin supplements, it is also important to ensure to take them properly. It really makes a difference if one takes vitamins with room temperature water, instead of with hot or cold drink. It is also beneficial if person doesn’t have tea or coffee after taking vitamin supplements. Also, it is important to follow any instructions that come with supplements. For example, if instructions say to take vitamins after the meal, it is advisable to follow it. Only instructed use of vitamin supplements will assure its proper effect.

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