Know More About Green Tea

I am sure you all are aware about the magical effect of green tea for weight loss.

Green tea is rich in poly phenol which is an antioxidant that makes it a healthy beverage by reducing the risk of chronic diseases by burning stored fat and mobilizing fat.

Consuming Green tea is a very good option for people with blood pressure as it helps in lowering blood pressure and reduces the risk of strokes.

The components of green tea have anti carcinogenic properties that help in fighting various types of cancers.

It also acts as a diuretic which helps in flushing out toxins from the body.

Green tea infused with various herbs or lime help in reducing bloating and heaviness post alcohol consumption.

Today i’ll be talking about small pointers which we miss out when it comes to consumption of health beverage

1.     The safest consumption of green tea is 2 cups in a day. Consuming more than 2 cups affects iron absorption and may cause headache, fatigue, lower concentration and disturbed sleep.

2.     It may also cause electrolyte imbalance in the body making you feel weak and drowsy the entire day.

3.     People who have gastric inflammation and acidity concerns should avoid green tea.

4.     Also, people who face low blood pressure issues should avoid the consumption of Green tea. In case you feel like sipping on a hot beverage a lighter version of Green tea called as White tea can be consumed to gain similar benefits as that of Green tea.

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