Cancer: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

More and more these days we all seem to have a friend or a relative who’s been afflicted with cancer, with India’s 2nd highest death rate accounting for it, Cancer has become a leading mortality cause not only right here at home but also worldwide. While the exact cure is still unknown, several factors have been linked to its cause such as genetics, improper diet, excessive smoking and alcohol intake to name a few.

In order to cut – off the risk of developing cancer, lets understand each of this aspects and also what you can do to curb your chances of courting this deadly disease, as preventing it is definitely better than curing it.

 1. Food Risks:

Recently more and more research is pointing to a “Strong cancer and diet” related link. The following are the possible food risk factors:

• Production of Conventional Animal and Dairy Products: The problem being with hormones and antibiotics being rampantly used despite FDA  regulations.  

 Our tip to you:  Source it right by being careful. Whenever possible buy pasture fed or locally raised animal and dairy products.

 Use of pesticides in industrial farming practices.

 Our tip to you:  Stay away from this whenever possible, Buy from small vendors who have more likely grown their own produce locally without  access to commercial pesticides etc.

• Use of Artificial sweeteners: such as aspartame, saccharine and sucralose.

 Our tip to you:  Option for natural sugars such as jaggery, palm sugar, cane sugar and raw organic honey.

• Use of Food Additives: Nitrates, sulphites, food dyes, coloring and MSG have shown a strong link in not only promoting cancer but also accelerating  the rate of growth and spread.

 Our tip to you:  Read food labels while buying packaged foods and minimize processed meats. Examples of processed meats include hot dogs, ham,  bacon, sausage, and some deli meats/cold-cuts.

• Use of Pasteurized Milk: These are typically treated with high heat process that destroys nutrients and generates free radicals in the body which    puts you at a risk of cancer.

  Our tip to you:  Try and source local A2 variety diary. Humped Indian holy cows are the source for A2 milk.

 Infant Cereal based formulas: contains Arsenic according to consumer reports.

  Our tip to you: Choose to give home- made cereal porridges to your babies to ensure the best future possible.

• Fried, Burnt and overly-Cooked foods: Acrylamide is mainly found in highly-cooked plant foods like potato and grain products such as French fries,    potato chips, and to some extent coffee. The chemical reaction occurs when certain starchy foods are cooked above about 250° F.

  Our tip to you:  Stick to boiled potatoes or sautéed potatoes.

• Water:  These days it could be contaminated with arsenic, which in turn can increase a person’s risk of lung, skin and bladder cancers.

  Our tip to you:  Ensure to regularly check your water source by having it tested with your local government body. State health departments do offer   this service on provision of a sample at a very minimal fee. If not, instead opt for filtered water.

 2. Life style Factors:            

. Smoking: Acrylamide is found in things like cigarette smoke and is a proven carcinogen.

. Alcohol: Has shown to put you at a cancer risk due to the below reasons: Colon and rectum contains bacteria that can convert alcohol into large  amounts of acetaldehyde, a chemical that has been shown to cause cancer. It leads to folate deficiency which has shown to play a role in the risk of  some cancers, such as breast and colorectal cancer. Also it can increase levels of estrogen that has put women at a risk of breast cancer.

Our tip to you: Lower your alcohol intake to moderate use this would be defined as 1 or 2 drinks a day for a man or 1 drink a day for a woman.

. Excess calories than required contributes to overweight or obesity and is known to increase the risks of many types of cancer.

Our tip to you: Try and maintain a healthy weight for your gender, height and ethnicity.

 3. Vitamin-D:

While this vital vitamin helps promote a healthy immune system, being insufficient in this vitamin D can compromise immune function which in turn leads to cancer.

Our tip to you: Get checked it today! Vitamin D is a silent epidemic with symptoms being so unambiguous that it very easily goes unchecked.

 4. Toxin Overload:

Other than this, few of the other reasons associated with cancer are electromagnetic waves emitted by most commonly used cell phones, TV’s, computer screens, microwaves, Commercial health and beauty products, household cleaners, unnecessary medication, plastics.

Our tip to you: Go green whenever possible, by using BPA free plastics, organic household cleaners etc. Avoid over use and sleeping with electronic devices.

If all else fails, try our top picks of Anti-Cancer Foods. While, they cannot prevent cancer or its spread, but they can help combat your chances of succumbing to it. Ensure you consult with your general health practioner and nutritionist before undertaking new dietary patterns or foods:


Fruits and vegetables


Herbs and spices

Nuts and seeds

Salmon, sardine fish

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