5 Diet Changes To Lose Weight

What a ‘real and healthy weight loss’ is?

Is the increasing visceral fat in your belly or the fear to cross the obese limit mark been bothering you? Have you already done lot of Yo-Yo and crash diets but not losing weight? Is the wish to fit into your favourite dress this season and look fab not coming true after trying hard for months together to lose weight? Do not worry. You have now reached a write up from which you will gain some useful insights on what are the changes you need to make in your diet and routine to lose weight. I am sure it is going to completely change the way you look at food you eat.

Weight gain or obesity as you may call it, is the root cause of all the major diseases, be it, hypertension, diabetes, heart attack, PCOS or PCOD and other lifestyle diseases. Lack of nutrient-rich foods and lack of right exercise for your body-type are the main causes. A sedentary lifestyle adds on to it. On top of that some of us have a notion that just working out in a gym few hours during the day will make us lose weight fast. But are we active through-out the day? Sitting whole day watching tv or using gadgets and the new word ‘chilling’ makes you live a sedentary lifestyle and is equally dangerous as smoking. This not only makes you gain weight but also tags you in the group of lazy people or a ‘couch potato’ as you may call it.

Weight loss thus is 80% diet and 20% correct workout. So, if you are exercising in a wrong way without proper diet, weight loss might happen but in an unhealthy way. Focus on ‘fat loss’ (visceral and body fat + muscle gain) and not on weight loss. Only in this way, you will lose weight in a healthy way. The mantra here is not to starve or a fad diet or to eat less but to have a balanced diet. Yo-Yo diets, please excuse us! Moreover, always eat your food sensibly, chewing each morsel of the food and in smaller portions. So, let us take a sneak peak into what is in store for you for a healthy weight loss.

80% Diet changes

  1. The so-called healthy versions of modern diet foods.

Another reason not to lose weight are the modern version of diet foods. Artificial healthy foods or fake supplements as a part of the fad diets. No wonder there is some nutrition in your spirulina shots, quinoa, green smoothies, avocado or whey protein but these foods have become much more like a show-off in a Yo-Yo diet than to consume. So do not diet to show off to the world, please! Know your body, its capacity and nourish it. Enjoy your food and love your body like it is a temple!

  • Make yourself self-sufficient and have more of home-made foods.

As apart of a pledge to increase our Global local Indian market and country as whole, doesn’t it make a lot of sense to follow the traditional ways to make foods at home or buy organic / local produce and seasonal foods not only from a weight loss perspective but from a long term better health in future. Most of these gourmet foods are very expensive on the market shelfs. For example, instead of having a packed yoghurt with preservatives added from the market shelves, set dahi at home and have a homemade dahi or chaas or lassi.Instead of having lemonade cold drink from a railway canteen, have a limbu-paani at home or kairi-panna in summer or kokum water which aids in digestion. An expensive packed Tzatziki from a gourmet shop is easier to be made freshly at home. Baking is equally enjoyable in doing as it is in eating. It makes you self-sufficient as well. Makes lot of sense, isn’t it? You may also grow your own herb or a vegetable garden or microgreens. In this way, you do not consume the added preservatives and the toxic chemicals into your body. Do not consume it because an XYZee celebrity is having it or it is trending in the buzz.

  • Add complex carbohydrates with good quality protein and fiber into your diet

Include complex carbohydrates like wholegrains and millets in your meal. Dalia, for example, is a good option for breakfast. Good quality sourced protein rich eggs or a bowl of veg and peanut poha (with a glass of orange juice) or a veg upma or a paushtik paratha with mint dip.

All you must do is to learn to control portions, enjoy and chew properly every morsel of the bite that you eat.

  • Vitamins and Minerals – No Supplements, have natural foods?

Before you start on your weight loss journey, you can do a B12 and Vit D3 test. Wondering why is it essential? They are the Vitamin powerhouses essential for daily food absorption and assimilation of nutrients. Your metabolism, nervous system and absorption of calcium happens through them. So even if you are on a diet and if the nutrient absorption is not happening properly you won’t lose weight or might have some or the other complications for sure like fatigue, restlessness, etc. So better keep these in check regularly. A lipid test is also recommended.

Not only these vitamins but having food having a proper proportion of all the vitamins and minerals is what a balanced diet is made up of.

Good fatslike nuts and seeds,oily fish, olive oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil and canola oil. Rotation of healthy oils is recommended to get your proper ratio of Omegas.

  • Lifestyle changes:

Adequate Sleep. It is good to sleep after 2-3 hours of consuming your major meals. Sleep at least 6-7hours in a day but what is more important that you have a sound sleep and wake up refreshed.

-Hydration – Water is the major ingredient for weight loss without which weight loss is impossible. Infuse water with your favourite fruits, black salt and mint (especially during summer to avoid dehydration). Keep sipping and do not gulp water.

Do not take stress.Meditate, have a spa or a good massage.

Healthy breakfast goes a long way and a light dinner is always good.

Stop counting calories and eat sensibly! Good wholesome foods.

Stay away from gadgets and long tv watching hours.

Avoidsugary, junk, processed, fried or packed/canned foods.

Have organic and freshly homemade food (try to consume it within 2-3hours of making after which you would just be eating it for the heck of eating).

Eat a handful trail mix of nuts and seeds. Avoid cashews and pistas. You can make a granola bar of oats, nuts and seeds or breakfast bars which you can carry on the go as well if you are an office person.

– Learn the art of balancing your diet, a good mix of complex carbs, fibre rich fruits and vegetables, good fats, high biological value protein and water. That’s all you need along with right exercise.

– Include antioxidants like coloured fruits and vegetables.

– Maintain a positive attitude towards life and people. Meditate, stay in peace and make this world a better place to stay.

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